11 Free Ways to Get More YouTube Views

Fishing for more views on your YouTube channel? There are actually many free ways of achieving this. Some will take more effort than others, but they are absolutely doable for everyone! Here are 11 ways:

Ask Your Viewers What They Want to See

youtuRunning out of ideas and not sure what to do next? Ask your viewers what they want to see next in your videos and how they feel about what you are already showing them. Tell them to leave their thoughts in the comments below the video. You can review these and see which ideas you might actually want to use and maybe what ideas you should scratch. If you decide to use an idea that was recommended to you by a viewer, make sure to mention the viewers name in your video to give them recognition. This will get other viewers excited about the possibility of their idea and name being mentioned in your videos and keep them more engaged.

Use Custom Thumbnail Images

Thumbnails are the small pictures of the video that you see before you click on them. The majority of the most popular videos on YouTube use them. This will help to build your brand and make your channel look more professional, enticing more viewers to watch your videos. It is recommended to include your photo and your logo in your thumbnail for best results.

Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

Yup. It can be that easy. People don’t always think about subscribing so you should remind them to. Getting more subscribers is a sure-fire way to get you more views because each time you release a new video your subscribers will be notified. This notification will instantly nudge your subscribers to view your new content and there is a good chance that they will. Make subscribing easier for your viewers by including a link to subscribe in the description below your video. The more subscribers you have the more views you will have shortly after releasing a new video.

Engage With Your Audience

Responding to comments on your videos is a great way to get future views. Viewers love to have the chance to have dialogue with you. If you show them that you respond to comments they will likely keep coming back for more. Whether you receive good or bad comments you should respond to them in a respectful way. Try to encourage your viewers to leave comments on your video by asking them questions or opinions during your videos.


You can gain more views on your videos just by creating a playlist. What a playlist does is it plays the following video immediately after the prior video ends. Even if the viewer is uninterested in watching that video, it is likely you will receive a view because they will have at least watched a few seconds. Playlist can also give you more chances of having your videos watched because of the way they show up in search results. In their search results, viewers will see your playlist and the single video so they can choose which one they prefer to watch.

Don’t Obsess on Content Length, Obsess on Content Quality

Maze sure you are providing viewers with true quality. Most importantly, make sure you have good lighting and clear audio. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are actually more than an hour long so you don’t need to worry so much about your videos being long. If your videos share valuable information and it is produced well then you are bound to get views.

Add Tags

You should choose tags that relate to your video and avoid using more than 12. If you use too many it could be hard to reach your target audience. What you want your tags to do is bring new viewers and also give you the chance to be listed as a suggestion for viewers when they are watching something with related content. 

Use Transcripts

youtube marketingTranscripts are the text of what is said in a video. Non-native speakers find these really helpful as sometimes people speak too fast for them to understand. You can also take it one step further and have transcripts in English and Spanish. There are many Spanish speakers around the world and you could considerably improve the amount of views you get by showing your content also in Spanish. Using a transcript in general should give you a boost in search results, but also putting them in Spanish will open your videos up to a much larger audience. You can choose to do this with other languages as well if you feel it would be beneficial to reaching your target audience.

Consider Creating an End Screen

This is your last chance to entice your viewers to watch more of your content. Try to add links on your end screen for your viewers to subscribe to your channel, a link to one of your other videos, and include links to your other social media accounts.

Utilize Reddit

You might not have used Reddit before, but it can be a good way to increase views on your YouTube channel. There are subreddits dedicated to getting more YouTube videos. Try joining one of these communities and getting involved. You can share your video there and also return the favor by watching others. 

Always Share Videos on All Other Social Media Accounts

Leverage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts. Share your videos there to bring more viewers to your channel. Not only will this tip help you in views, but also give you a boost in YouTube’s algorithm. YouTube tracks which videos are bringing users to start their session on YouTube. If your video is what initially brings them there, that will help your ranking and make you come up more as a suggested video.

In conclusion, it takes time to get your YouTube channel known. Sure, a YouTube video can go viral all night, but that doesn’t always happen for everyone. Keep working at it and produce great content and give it some time.