5 Best Ways to Boost Your YouTube Profile


Looking for ways to promote your YouTube channel? This article will give you some tips on which other social media platforms to use and tips on how to help you increase traffic as well as how to enhance the look and feel of your channel.


Don’t underestimate Pinterest and its ability to help you promote your channel. Pinterest pins never die and show up in searches for years to come.


  • Be consistent: Use services that to help you automate your pins multiple times days at the most optimal time. Sit down one day and schedule your month ahead and sit back and let the magic happen.
  • Re-pinning others content: Repin others content and mix your pins in there. You want your wall to be visually appealing. Use others content to fill in between yours and make sure to slip in your YouTube links.
  • No faces: Don’t put your face in your pins. You goal is to have your pins be repined and that can be difficult if it is too personalized.
  • Don’t use links: Include your YouTube channel link directly.
  • Deleting pins: Erase the word “delete” from your vocabulary and just DON’T do it. Even if you think your pin isn’t good – just leave it. You never know when your pin might get repined and Pinterest also recommends not to do this.

YouTube Channel Details


Imagine that something as simple as having a short title could get you more views on your channel.

  • Short video titles: No one wants to read a story before tuning into your video – keep it short and sweet (under 60 characters). Also, keep the most important keywords in the beginning of your title. People generally only pay attention to the first few.
  • Pick a niche: Be the reason that a viewer needs to come to your channel. Don’t try to be an expert on a lot of subjects. If your channel is about cooking, make sure you don’t decide to throw in politics. People are coming to you because they are interested in cooking, not politics. You can turn-off viewers just with one unrelated video.
  • Video Tags: Do you have, a YouTube idol? Check out their channel and study it. What type of tags are they using? These hashtags can help bring new viewers to your channel by way of people looking up specific tags that you are part of. Don’t overdo it either – no more than 15. The first 3 hashtags that you choose will show up in your title.
  • Custom thumbnails: Help a viewer choose to look at your video by creating a visually appealing thumbnail. You want your videos to appear that they are put together professionally. Your thumbnails should have a theme. Consider showing your logo and face in all of your thumbnails.
  • Be consistent in posting new videos: Tell your viewers in your video to expect a new video every week on “x” day and then follow through. Get them excited so they keep coming back for more. You can even note this in your description.
  • Playlists: Create one for your videos so that your other videos will automatically play after a viewer is finished watching another one.
  • Purpose: Why does someone need to watch your video? People generally come to YouTube for boredom or to learn. Fulfill one of these objectives with your videos.
  • Transcribe all videos: Videos with captions get more views and more likely to be watched in their entirety. Many viewers on YouTube are not native English speakers so this will be very important when wanting to attract a global audience.

Call to Action

You won’t receive if you never ask. Tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel and engage with them. Ask them a question and ask them to leave a comment with their answer.

  • Answer all comments: Good or bad – acknowledge and give them a response. Having dialogue within your comments with viewers will also tell YouTube that your video is valuable and pays an important role in YouTube’s algorithms.
  • Remind: Tell your viewers to subscribe at the beginning and ending of every video. Remind them what they will get by subscribing (e.g. notifications of weekly videos, etc.).


Do you have a website? If so, consider adding a blog to your website as another way to get more traffic to your channel. Google searches could bring viewers to your website where they find that you also have a YouTube channel.

  • Transcribe videos: Transcribe your entire YouTube video and voilà you can use this as a blog post!
  • Navigate directly to YouTube video: Make sure at the bottom of your website that you link to all of your social media accounts including YouTube.
  • Preview of other YouTube videos: Do make sure potential subscribers can see clips of other YouTube videos that you have.

YouTube Go Live

If you never heard of Go Live before, this is a way for you to make live content that needs to be viewed at that time. You can use your webcam to do this but if you want to use your mobile you’ll need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

  • Connect on a personal level: Use live videos as a way for viewers to ask you questions and allow them to get to know you.
  • Be engaging: Consider switching between your camera and slides to keep your viewers interested.
  • Trial run: Test your equipment before streaming live using private (unlisted) stream to make sure everything is working properly to avoid any embarrassing moments on camera.
  • Latency: Pick the level appropriate for you – lower means less buffering but only near real-time interaction and ultra low means more buffering but good real-time interaction with viewers.

Remember, increasing your subscribers can be difficult at first, but don’t give up. These 5 tips are meant as a starting point to help you think creatively on how to do this. Do your own due diligence and research further on these tips in order to implement them effectively. Good luck!