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Have you spent hours upon hours creating a video only to find it’s not getting the traction you expected?  Possibly you are trying to promote client videos for your company and not getting very far. In this case we recommend you to buy Youtube views to jump-start your projects. We are here to help make that happen.

If your goal is to have tons of YouTube views, you have come to the right place. We strive to increase your popularity and make your video go viral. Our team of experts will work to improve your website and your ranking. We have been doing this for more than 5 years and we know what we are doing. Over the past 4 years we have been working with many YouTube providers and now can support many websites offering the same services. Beyond providers, we offer very affordable services and it doesn’t matter how many people you want to reach, we are here to help you get there. We have the knowledge and ability to get you a few million hits per video!

We offer our customers quality, high-retention views and a higher watch time.  If you want to buy Youtube views and to see significant growth and real subscribers this is the easiest and most affordable way to make that happen.

Buy Youtube Views Packs:

Can you really buy views on YouTube?

buy youtube viewsBuying views on YouTube is as easy as uploading your video. All you have to do is choose your package, give us your video URL, and we will do the rest! We will start promoting your video through our extensive network of websites and social medias.

Two reasons people buy Youtube views are for higher rankings and credibility. YouTube contemplates views when ranking videos for specific keywords. Therefore buying views can get your ranking to a whole new level. Obviously, a higher ranking will bring you valuable exposure because you have a much higher view count.

Improving your ranking will give you new subscribers and the best way to do this is having continual views on a number of videos at once. Let’s say you have a video that has a million or more views, but only has 300 subscribers. If you bought views all your videos will appear equally popular and that makes you look constantly successful. Add to that, a few paid subscribers and you are now a very popular YouTube celebrity! You will start seeing real subscribers coming to your videos which will be critical to your success.

What counts as a view on YouTube?

As you know, Google owns YouTube and a view is counted after someone has watched a video for approximately 30 seconds.

Who Uses Bought Views?

Anyone who wants to improve their channel subscriptions and have their videos stand out. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest purchasers. Music record labels buy views in order to promote a new talent, a new album, or testing its popularity. Popularity is critical in the entertainment industry because popularity drives sales. They need to measure their audiences in order to understand what’s popular at this given moment.

Can You Really Buy YouTube Subscribers?

It’s really difficult to get subscribers but it is easy to get artificial subscribers who use bots. If you want real subscribers who will sign up to your channel after viewing your videos, let us make that happen. Promoting your videos from your channel and getting real and active subscribers is not easy. We are able to help out because we will share your videos on our YouTube network, on Facebook, and other social media websites by using proven techniques.

We will perform SEO of your channel and your best video. Our experts will analyze your videos and choose what they believe is the best one. We will then target people with keywords through our network in order to get you, real subscribers.

How Much Money Do You Get From YouTube Views?

There have been hundreds of people who have built enormous audiences on YouTube and the stories of their amassed wealth are well known. Some are making upward of $350,000 a year! So what are you waiting for?

It is the dream of every business owner, musician or blogger to have their video receiving high visibility on YouTube. This desire is fuelled by the urge to get their message or music to reach as many people as possible. A video going viral on YouTube is the ideal and fantastic achievement of any person uploading their video on the platform. With our solution, taking your video viral is not hard. We leverage on our deals with various YouTube players including some institutions such as VEVO to get your video going viral within no time. Our experience and expertise will deliver to you the results you have been dreaming of.

As it was mentioned earlier, our system uses a combination of promotional techniques to drive viewers to your videos. We rely on social media to get the majority of people. That includes; Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even YouTube itself. About 60-70% of our viewers come from those websites. These sites are from many different niches that can drive you targeted people. Soon enough we will introduce more sites on that list so that you have a better selection. We work very hard every day to improve our service and introduce more features. Join us – and see that for yourself!

It is most likely that you are feeling skeptical about buying views, especially when its your first time. However, if you buy YouTube views, you will get a head start with your video. Millions of people use YouTube search bar to find videos, and it is most likely that yours is not going to appear. However, if your video would have more people watching it, it is probable that it would be shown on the first page for your main keyword. This would drive viewers to your video non stop, and you won’t even have to buy Youtube Views anymore.

When seeking a YouTube solution, it is important to get one that is Adsense safe and guarantees you genuine and targeted people. This is crucial to build a lasting foundation that can only take you higher over time. We have consistently placed our clients on top by increasing the views on their videos. Having promoted over 15,000 videos, we have become good at what we do and have many satisfied clients to show for our efforts. Many individuals, budding businesses and large companies have depended on our coaching to increase their YouTube views. With a service that runs for 24hrs hours, there is always someone working for you on the network. So what are you waiting for? Buy Youtube Views today and make your videos go viral.

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