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In the online competitive landscape of today’s world if you only attract visitors, it is not worth much. You must transform them! If users leave comments, or subscribe to your site/channel or click the like button it is definitely considered as some sort of involvement with your uploaded video. It eventually leads to higher rankings in SEO, better traffic, and higher revenue obtained from your work. Please read this article to know about why a higher number of likes is beneficial for your business at the end.

Channelizing attention: likes or views?

It has been seen that the significance of likes has increased over views in the past years. Primarily you are now able to track audience retention for an uploaded video, thanks to the technological advancement of analytical tools. So it actually means if a user views your YouTube video simply, you are not getting the full advantage of that viewership. Other points have to be considered as in whether comments are given or subscriptions is done or if viewers are skipping your video and when they are doing that. Let’s discuss that later on.

The second most important reason being people’s limited span of attention, which is why longer video watching times are more effective when it is monetized.

Often it happens that multiple videos depicts similar subject with same number of subscribers and views, but the one having maximum likes will emerge winner and be selected by plausible viewers. This in turn will eventually lead to enhanced traffic flow, with more number of shares, likes and even subscriptions. What usually happens is that if one particular video has higher number of likes than dislikes in all probability it will be prejudged by viewers and the chances that they would like the video later is very high. Simultaneously it will force them indirectly to watch the video till its end even though they did not found it luring at the first go – this type of audience retention is very valuable statistics, it will be elaborated later.

Similarly – when a specific video gets huge number of likes, it creates a natural urge in people to “like” it more and also subscribe to the site. At the end people enjoy being part of a group, though it may merely mean clicking on the same link/video.

If you want to know better that why audience retention is so important statistical data, you must know how YouTube, the most popular website utilizes it for optimization of its search results. If you are new to these concepts, you should follow the YouTube’s Creator Academy analytics series. To start with understand that if for any video there is 60-70% audience retention, it signifies that viewers have watched around 60-70% of the video on average basis. The video will be ranked higher in search results, if the retention is higher. It means that if you can find out a way such that viewers are glued on to your video for a longer duration, it is very beneficial to you or your channel.

Keep in mind people usually want to belong to a group. So a video with higher number of likes has more chances that it will be shared with others. But also remember, dislikes, or likes, may be given with the intention to judge your video, its quality, or to agree or disagree with the content. This means that though a certain video having ratio of likes and dislikes not at all impressive from analytical view point – but it may be still watched and shared similar to others. This mostly occurs for content of social issues and political debates.

youtube-marketingUsually what happens with that type of content is that, it gets pre-emptively “disliked” or “liked’ by the opponents or support groups respectively. Both the like and dislike action gives greater publicity or exposure to these videos, even when the overall perception is quite negative for one group of people. But note that, it is sometimes very difficult to recover from a “dislike bomb” even though it may have a high viewership.

In a nutshell, if people connect with your content, it is a path to success. It can affect both the viewership and statistical data, and it thrives as one self-sustaining eco-system. If you are successful in urging the viewers to send you more likes and subscribing to your YouTube channel – go for it.

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