Terms of Service

Published on April 4, 2018
The use of services provided by Views Guru establishes agreement to these terms. By registering or using these services you agree that you have read and fully understood the following Terms of Service of this agreement.

1. General

  • a. We will be sure to inform users about any changes to the rules.
  • b. Buyers are obligated to inform the administration about technical faults.
  • c. Free Trial is only offered once per buyer as a way to test our services.
  • d. We can only process orders if a Youtube video is NOT private.
  • e. If a buyer creates a dispute in PayPal then they will be blacklisted and their account will be blocked.

2. Refund Policy

  • a. If we fail to complete an order because we receive invalid data or the profile is locked then you are eligible to apply for a refund
  • b. We are unable to process refunds for buyers who are ordering from several services.
  • c. We don't give refunds for lost Views after a Youtube update.

3. Liabilities

  • a. We are not liable for any account suspension or video deletion done by Youtbue.
  • b. Views Guru is not affiliated with Youtube.