Tips For Your YouTube Channel

Getting started on YouTube is not as easy as it might sound. Take a look at our tips on how to get started with your new YouTube channel.

1. Invest In Content

You already have all you need to start your YouTube channel: your smartphone. Don’t waste money on equipment when you can be using that energy to come up with new ideas and concepts for your channel. As a start, try writing 10 to 30 video ideas. Think about the content and titles of the videos and type them down into YouTube to see what turns up. Take a look at your competitors, figure out where their mistakes are and use that to create better quality content. Nothing’s more important than having good content.


2. Upload Short Videos

People don’t usually have much patience for long videos. They want small chunks of information, so don’t keep your videos longer than two minutes. Keep in mind that when you’re launching a new channel, people don’t know you so they will be judging if they will click you video by your thumbnail, title and length of video. Keep it short, simple and to the point.



3. Create Your Own Thumbnails

Thumbnails are very important when it comes to marketing your video. YouTube usually uses your tags, description and titles in the search index, however viewers do not. Since you are competing with other, you should use your thumbnail to send out from other. Pick something with a text in it, a face and simple images. Never use the suggested thumbnail from YouTube but design it yourself.



4. Enhance Visibility With SEO

When uploading a video, use similar SEO techniques that you would use for a website. Create a keyword and an appealing video title. Usually the first two lines of your video are shown on YouTube’s search results, so make them count.



5. Engage With Your Audience

Always reply to comments. People who actually take the time to write something, should know that you’re reading their comments and not taking them for granted. It might be a time consuming process but it’s definitely  worth it.


6. Ask For Subscriptions

Right by the end of the video, you should ask viewers to subscribe to your channel. A common technique that you might have noticed in other videos, is asking viewers to subscribe to and to check out other videos. If you use other social media, like Facebook for example, tell your followers to subscribe to your channel. Do this on Twitter and Instagram as well. Don’t be hesitant, you’re creating great videos after all, so tell your audience they should take a look at it. Make sure to check out our packages to give your channel a boost and get more traffic.



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