Ways To Make Sure That You Only Purchase Safe YouTube Views


We all are aware that YouTube market is growing massively because of very talented and skilled video makers. And so scammers are more prominent. They all say that they will give you “real” and “safe” YouTube views however this is all a lie.

To purchase real and safe YouTube views one should only trust a trusted provider or else you will land up losing your money and energy.

Quality and trusted providers always look for three main points:

  • The Place from which YouTube views comes from
  • The pattern or format in which the YouTube viewers connect with your video
  • The speed or time in which YouTube views are being delivered

If you fail to purchase safe YouTube views then there are possibilities that you are putting your YouTube account at a very high risk. It is very important that being a content provider you know how to select a safe and real YouTube views provider.

Using safe delivery speed:

It is said that the speed at which the views are delivered is a very big factor in finding out the safety of video views. If your provider is giving you all the YouTube views at single go, then they are putting your YouTube account at danger.

These views should be provided consistently and slowly. For instance, if you need 5000 views it should be divided properly over time and not just delivered at one go in 15 minutes. If all the YouTube views are delivered at single time, it will raise the number of red flags with the YouTube.

Always remember that you wish to maintain your videos a very high retention rate. Many of the YouTube views providers use bots to provide the views. Bots usually view a video only for a few seconds. These kinds of views to your video can kill the retention rate and raise many red flags with YouTube.


Expand your geographic area:

Let’s assume that all your YouTube views comes from one single location even in this case you are putting your YouTube account at huge risk. Like if you want 10,000 views on your video and they all come from a single city in UK, you can imagine how it will look and also affect your video. This world is a very massive place. And so your views should come from different regions around the country. There are cases where you wish to lower the market from where your YouTube views comes from, however even in that case, geographic diversity is very important.

Avoid bots:

As already mentioned above, bots usually posses a very low retention rate. Unprofessional and poor quality YouTube view providers will just use bot farms as a way to give you with YouTube views. Such low quality views to your video can damage your whole channel. Your views should be real and should not originate from bots, clicking farms or any automated software because you are paying your hard earned money to get those views. If you get views from bots and have a very low retention YouTube will delete those videos. A safe and real YouTube provider will only make use of reliable video marketing platform to provide you views.

Rare IP address:

While buying YouTube views it is very important to check if the views are coming from rare and unique IP addresses or not. If this is not done and YouTube sees that the video is getting too many views from same IP address, then your YouTube account can be banned without any notice. If your YouTube views provider does not provide you with proper details on from where the views are originating from, it is best that you avoid such providers.

Utilize various patterns:

As we all know that YouTube’s algorithm is too good at finding out various patterns. If your views come at same time for a long period of time, then YouTube will definitely notice this. Therefore it is very important to make certain that your views come at different intervals. Your videos should get views in different quantities at different times. Patterns are quickly found out by YouTube’s algorithm and can result into account termination forever.

Utilize a service which provides guarantee:

Before purchasing YouTube views make sure that your provider offers you some guarantee. All the reputable and professional view providers will guarantee you a good high retention rate and also provide you with one year warranty. It is advisable to avoid any provider who is not offering any kind of guarantee.

Likes and comments:

While purchasing YouTube views one should also think about buying likes and comments. Even though you may get a few likes and comments from the purchased views however this percentage will be very less. A video with huge amount of views but a very less likes will look very suspicious. All the reputable and professional view providers will suggest you to purchase extra likes and comments so that your video gets more reputable and also benefit you in search results of the YouTube.

Turn off your adsense:

Even though you are buying views from a professional YouTube view provider, you will not get to see a rise in adsense thing. In many cases it is suggested that you should turn off the adsense account when you purchase the views. Definitely you will not switch off your adsense forever. Once you get your views you can switch it on again. The YouTube views that you purchase should raise your social presence. And in result you should get more viewers and subscribers to your video. After your video starts generating organic views you can turn on your adsense account. Like all the YouTube content providers, you have put in a lot of efforts to your videos. To make sure that your work is not wasted purchase safe and real YouTube views which will increase your channel needs.

A real YouTube provider will make use of following methods:

  • Different demographic
  • Various patterns
  • Comes from a good source
  • Consistent and slow delivery speed

Getting a reliable provider is a very challenging task; but if you remember these points you will not face any trouble in getting a safe and real YouTube views provider.

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