How To Generate YouTube Views


Ever made a great YouTube video but went unnoticed? You used the right title, hashtags and description; you posted it on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr but still didn’t get any recognition? There’s a good possibility you’re missing out on something if you haven’t generated any audience yet.  Getting a lot of views is not as simple as you might think. Many YouTube celebrities and marketers use specific tactics to raise their views to promote their brand. To help you generate more views on your YouTube video, we’ve put together a few simple tips.

1. Pay Attention to Details

Put all of your efforts in producing an amazing video. Doing so will keep viewers interested in watching, re-posting and spreading the work. Try to make it as interesting as possible and make the whole experience visually as stunning as possible. To do so you’ll need a good camera and someone who will help you with the production. Adjust the lighting, colors and background of the place you’re filming. Make sure the audio settings are set correctly as well. There’s nothing more annoying than a video with high or low pitch sounds.

2. Optimize your video

Optimizing your video means making your video at the right time and at the right place. This includes using the right title, tags, description and thumbnail. These four options are the most crucial ones in generating views- it’s how people find your video.
The title should be short and right to the point. It should briefly say what your video is about while grabbing attention at the same time. A long explanation of your video can be written in the description, where you can include all the relevant information like website links, social media links or even shout outs. Use tags to enhance your video’s show up in more searches. The more tags you use, the easier it is for people to find your video. Last but not least, pick the right thumbnail. The video thumbnail is the first thing people usually notice, so make sure you grab their attention. You can always change your video’s thumbnail if you change your mind about your first pick.

3. Share Your Video

Pretty obvious, right? However, we can never stress enough how important sharing your video on other social media is. Use Facebook (both private and business), Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. to spread your video to your audience. If you a have an email list, make sure to send it to all you you contacts and request them to forward it to others.
Sharing your video, besides getting people to see it, also helps you get feedback. People who stumble upon videos posted by their friends or pages they like, usually comment. Use this to engage with them and show your appreciation for their feedback.

4. Buy YouTube Views

There’s a debate whether buying views is a good idea or not. Many argue that it might not be the right way to gain views, however facts show that the best way to get started on YouTube is by purchasing viewers online. Many YouTube celebrities use it, so why shouldn’t you?  Viewsguru is currently the leading website in providing Youtube views. We make sure your video views increase overnight and become extremely popular. If you want to see significant growth in views and real subscribers, we offer the easiest and most affordable ways to make that happen. Click here to check out our packages.

5. Partner Up With Similar YouTubers

If there are other people who post similar videos, go ahead and partner up! Don’t look at them as competitors but rather as partners. Sharing similar grounds with others, means their viewers can easily become yours and vice versa. The best way to become partners with other YouTubers is to give them a shout-out, mention them in the comment description or even link their videos to your videos. Doing this will make them return the favor back. They can also connect your account to theirs via websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Share the love and spread the word around!





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